the only thing i’ve gained this year is hair and some semblance of style

something about a 6-selfie tag? thank you donnie

i caved and ate a beef burrito i’m already paying for it but it was worth it to taste MEAT AGAIN UGH

oooo i’m gonna make an enchilada actually

1 am burrito?



:33 < jesus christ

i see this blog is off to a great start



You know when a fast angry song comes on that you know every word to and you’re in just the right mood that your eyes light up with the fire and angst of a thousand punk rockers and you just feel so alive



labels are for soup cans and queer kids who want to know that they aren’t alone


She had curves in all the wrong places - some of them cast a 3-dimensional shadows, still others hummed a low, discordant note as they flitted about like flies. She was nothing like other girls - she was an abomination from the 6th plane of torment

Bae: Come over
Me: I'm in me mum's car
Bae: My parents aren't home
Me: Broom Broom